Functional Capacity Evaluation

Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) Services


Why Choose WorkAbility Systems?

  • WorkAbility Systems is a national leader in development of best practice guidelines for functional capacity evaluation, functional job analysis, and work rehabilitation services
  • Completely mobile equipment enables service delivery at work-sites and clinics throughout Ohio
  • WorkAbility Network providers receive certification training and quality oversight to ensure quality and objective reporting of physical job demands and worker fitness-for-duty
  • Our ExamFIT web reporting platform offers multiple exam options that range from a simple WorkAbility Movement Screen for wellness to a comprehensive Functional Capacity Evaluation
  • Option to include a physician consult to address issues that complicate medical management, functional recovery status (MMI), or determine an impairment rating to facilitate case resolution
  • Option to include an ergonomic telehealth consult or on-site analysis of physical job demands and modification options using the WorkerFIT platform to support cost-effective job accommodations

Comprehensive FCE

This is a completely mobile comprehensive evaluation for persons with limiting health conditions or physical disabilities. This FCE substantiates work restrictions for job search, eligibility for disability benefits, or other rehab planning issues. This service may be accessed directly by counselors without the need for a referral or physician’s prescription. The scope of this state-wide service includes:

  • Review of past job performance barriers, medical history/records, and lifestyle impact
  • Neuro-musculoskeletal exam to identify underlying physical impairments that may limit function
  • Physical capacity performance tests (keyboarding, finger dexterity, manual dexterity, near/far vision, push/pull strength, agility, aerobic capacity, posture tolerances, and materials handling)
  • WorkAbility Summary addressing exam validity (consistency of performance), limiting physical health conditions, suitability for specific occupations, recovery status, medical management needs, and functional work restrictions

Comprehensive FCE with Impairment Rating

A review of FCE findings by WorkAbility Physician may be added to the usual scope of a Comprehensive
FCE to determine an impairment rating based on application of a specified edition of the AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment.

Ergonomic Functional Capacity Evaluation (Ergonomic FCE)

This completely mobile Ergonomic FCE is administered at the job-site to facilitate an interactive process between the worker and employer deficits to resolve worker performance difficulties. This FCE includes a WorkerFIT job analysis, job-relevant WorkAbility FCE tests, and identification of job modification options to improve worker safety and productivity.

Limited Functional Capacity Evaluation (Limited FCE)

This is a limited functional capacity evaluation that is useful as a follow-up or in conjunction with a recent Independent Medical Evaluation (IME). Its primary purpose is to further clarify physical work restrictions or to justify the need for mobility devices.