PhysicalFIT Screen

PhysicalFIT Screen

Establishing the physical qualifications of job seekers promotes search for physically suitable employment opportunities and alerts job seekers to correctable fitness issues such as high blood pressure and vision loss that may limit access or performance in some jobs.

The PhysicalFIT Screen is a brief screen of musculoskeletal health and fitness that assists with matching job seekers with physically-realistic employment options. Participants with health or fitness concerns receive recommendations for suitable physical activity or referrals for services to improve health and readiness for physical work. Job seekers are objectively assessed on the following measures:

  1. Vital signs – Resting blood pressure and pulse are checked because high blood pressure is a modifiable risk factor that should be medically managed before applying to some jobs or increasing physical activity.
  2. Near/Far Visual Acuity – Near and far visual acuity is checked because visual difficulty is a modifiable risk factor that affects quality, productivity, or safe performance on a broad range of work tasks, including vehicle operation.
  3. Active Movement Screen – This series of 25 active movements is performed to establish an objective baseline of musculoskeletal health. This screen includes flexibility and balance movements such as squatting or standing on each leg.
  1. Two Square Agility Test (TSAT) – This is a brief test of dynamic balance and fall risk. TSAT measures the time required for a subject to rapidly step forward and back between two squares that are demarked by metal tape.
  2. Grip Strength Test – This is a standardized test to assess readiness to perform physical work tasks that require forceful gripping with either hand. Grip Strength is a useful measure to monitor progress with fitness or rehab interventions.
  3. Lift/Carry Strength – This is a functional assessment of dynamic lift and carry strength to determine the job seeker’s overall category of materials handling strength (e.g. light, medium, heavy) to promote matching with suitable jobs.

Results of this screen validate PhysicalFIT qualifications of job seekers that opt in for search with the WorkerFIT platform. The Worker Search feature of WorkerFIT allows human resource recruiters to find best-matched job seekers for posted jobs. The Worker Search feature of WorkerFIT allows HR recruiters to find best-matched job seakers for posted jobs. This reduces frustration, time and money spent to hire workers who satisfy job entry qualifications.

There is also a Job Search feature on the WorkerFIT Platform that allows career coaches and job developers to review best-matched job options based on a job seeker’s validated PhysicalFIT and SkillFIT qualifications. This reduces wasted time caused by applying for jobs that the job seeker is not qualified to perform. Job Search also helps to justify training and other interventions to improve a job seeker’s prospects for obtaining employment in occupations of interest.